Wholesale Branded Straws

We offer a full customization for the etching of our straws and will work with you to design custom packaging as well! They make a perfect gift for your clients, employees, or anyone you want to remember your name. 

If you are looking to buy glass straws wholesale / bulk with your logo or graphic printed on them, contact us via email:


Looking for an alternative to plastic drinking straws?

Look no further! Our glass drinking straws are made using a special process to strengthen and increase the durability of our glass, making them the strongest glass drinking straws on the market

Each glass straw is hand-made in the United States and comes with a carefully designed cleaning brush, packaged within our gift box. These straws are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and can be used with hot and cold beverages!

Glass straws are an excellent Eco-Friendly and sustainable alternative to plastic drinking straws without the disadvantages of a metal or silicon drinking straw. Being made from glass, these straws add no extra taste to your beverage and are great for sipping coffee, water, juice, and more.

Better yet, we can even etch your name or anything you'd like alongside the straw!

We look forward to connecting with you!